Coconut Overnight Oats!

A no Stress morning! Coconut Overnight oats are quick and easy, and provide an excellent grab and go breakfast for busy mornings! The recipe and instructions to my coconut overnight oats are below! 

CoCoNut Overnight Oats- Food- A Briutiful Life



  • 1/2 Cup Steal Cut Oats 
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Milk (Sweetened or Unsweetened)
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Shavings
  • 1/2 Tbs Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 Tbs Flax Seeds
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 
  • Sliced Banana 


  • Mix Oats, milk, chia and flax seeds, and vanilla extract together. 
  • Placed mixed ingrediants into a mason jar, cover, and place in the refirdgerater overnight
  • In the morning remove the lid and enjoy as is or top with bananas (my Favorite)  or topping of your choice! Its that Simple!! 

30 Minute AMRAP Workout

A Quick High Intensity Workout that will Kick Your Bootay!!! 

Equipment needed:

  • Wall :)
  • Weighted Medicine ball 
  • Box 
  • Ab Dolly (or Towel on hardwood)
  • Kettle Bell
  • Warrior Ropes 


  • This workout is a AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) workout.
  • Start by setting a timer on your phone for 30 minutes,
  • This thirty minutes is strictly for the exercise, be sure to do an active warmup before beginning. 
  • Circuit:
    • 14 Wall Balls
    • 14 Box Jumps (adjust hight for difficulty)
    • 14 Ab Dolly exercises in a push up position, hands on the floor, feet on the ab dolly, bring your knees to your chest. 
    • 1 minute Isometric kettle bell squat hold. 
    • 14 Jumping push ups. I use the box, but if you can do them on a flat service, go for it!(Push off the box or ground so that your hands leave the surface.) 
    • I minute warrior rope
    • Rest (try and only use 1 minute)
  • Repeat the circuit until the 30 minutes is up try and complete as many circuits as possible! 
  • Finish with one of my favorite post workout Smoothie Bowls to replenish your body!! 


30 minute AMRAP Workout- A Briutiful Life- Fitness
30 minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 Minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 minute AMRAp Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 Minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 Minute Amrap Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life
30 minute AMRAP Workout- Fitness- A Briutiful Life

A Small Pantry Solution

How I managed to create a one cupboard pantry that didn't make me crazy?

While living in Boston we are in a one bedroom apartment. Back at home we have our house in the hills outside of Portland, Oregon that provides me with a pantry that I can fit everything into no problem! But here in Boston I have one cupboard to work with! But there is no challenge I won't accept, especially when it comes to organization. My type A personallity actually enjoys the the thought of organizing all our food into one small cupboard. 

Being that we are Vegan (Now, before you roll your eyes and stop reading, my fiancé has to avoid any type of inflammation, during football season, and a lot of foods cause inflammation, so during the season we eat a vegan diet, and when its off season, Its GO time, gimme all da cheese!!) okay back to what I was talking about, Being that we practice a Vegan diet I have a lot of pasta, nuts, rices and grains that come in all sorts of boxes, bags and different containers. I was finding that I couldn't find anything in all the mess.





So I decided to remove all the unnecessary packaging junk and put everything into mason jars. This avoids clutter, you can clearly see what you are looking for, and it looks cute too!

A Pantry To Be Proud Of- Home- A Briutiful Life
A Pantry to Be Proud Of- Home- A Briutiful Life
A Pantry To Be Proud of- Home- A Briutiful Life
A Pantry To Be Proud Of- Home - A briutiful Life

If you ever have similar issue with your pantry and things just don't seem to fit or you can never find anything, go buy some mason jars of various sizes and place your foods into them.




My Hawaiian Fairy Tail

I brought home more then just some sand at the bottom of my suitcase :)  

A trip planned solely by my boyfriend? Travel, hotel, and activities all organized and taken care of? SAY IT WASNT SO! My man is wonderful at so many things, but planning ahead, or just planning in general really has never been a strong attribute of his. So you can imagine the sense of AWE I was in when we embarked on vacation, everything was taken care of, AND it ran smoothly. To be completely honest it made me feel pretty crappy how well everything went. I am always the planner, I am type A and planning and organizing might as well be my middle names. But no matter how much a plan and organize there is always some sort of bump in the road. And Brandins first time planning a trip? He executes it perfectly... 

Aside from constantly waiting for what I thought the inevitable chaos during our magical trip (that never came,)  I spent a absolutely remarkable trip enjoying the beautiful island of Maui. We did everything under the Hawaiian sun, zip lined through cattle country, parasailed above the Lahaina shores, scuba dived off the beach of Wailea, ATV'd the mountain side, struggled through a paddle board yoga class (wasn't pretty), and ate the most delicious food ever! I look back on it now I don't know how I came home feeling rested. 

A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life

But the activity that stole the show? Was my helicopter ride around the Haleakala mountain side.

A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life

The helicopter landed on a patch of grass on the Hauna coastline, and the love of my life asked me to marry him, and made me the happiest girl in the entire world!!

A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life

Aside from the obvious plusses from my trip, bringing home a new piece of jewelry, a fiancé, and countless memories I will cherish forever. Our trip is also where I got my inspiration for my website. My fiancé and I are so blessed, and live a lifestyle I could have only dreamed of, and it wasn't until I met a women in the pool at our hotel that I really realized that I could share my life with the world. 

Jana was at the Four Seasons Maui photographing a wedding when we sparked up a conversation at the pool, and it was not long before she was snapping pics of Brandin and I in the pool, on my iPhone 6. They were the best photos Brandin and I have ever taken together! Admittedly, I am not comfortable in front of a camera, better yet my booty infront of a camera, yet she created beautiful photos in just a few snaps. look her up!

A Briutiful Life
A Briutiful Life

She Has seen the world and catches peoples attention through her beautiful photos. I always felt like social media, and even bloggers, gave a false sense of reality, but after meeting Jana, having such a genuine real conversation about her life, her journey, and her faith. once I saw her photos I saw them in a different way and it genuinely inspired me to share my life experiences with people.

So my fairy tail trip to Hawaii brought about a new journey and phase of life with my best friend and the love of my life, and brought about the inspiration to begin something completely individual and all my own.